Everything About Microdose of 1p LSD

June 19, 2020

Microdosing, probably the most efficient way we have discovered to see the effects of chemicals on our bodies. First and foremost, you should probably understand how Microdosing works then we can discuss how to properly use it in the case of 1P-LSD. Microdosing in a nutshell is consuming low levels of narcotics and recording the reaction caused by it on our body at a cellular level. Such a small level of doses is not enough to affect the brain and hormones in our body, but it is sufficient to see how our body reacts to those chemicals and narcotics at a cellular level.

Ideally, the given chemicals are introduced into the body on a weekly basis preventing any kind of addiction and side effects due to overdose (using more than the recommended amount and hence nullifying the context of Microdosing). The results show a great deal of rising in creative skills, patients are reported to have a better focus and more energized outlook, and significantly more improved reorganization of human emotions and subconscious cues. Microdosing can also help patients who are suffering from acute cases of chronological depression and anxiety issues. There have been reports of Microdosing helping people have a stronger spiritual connection with the divine and enhance all of their bodily senses.

Now that you understand what Microdosing is and how it affects our body we can probably show you how to microdose 1P-LSD which is probably the most common chemical that people use for this purpose. It is well known how narcotics have been banned to be used in any sort of way in almost every country but due to the high testing and results showing positive feedback from controlled use of these so-called “Chemicals” has led to major countries around the world allowing the companies to use these chemicals for scientific purposes. Microdosing has little research precedent since the testing of these psychedelics began only a few years ago and for the large part, it was a high amount of doses compared to what Microdosing prescribes.

A large part of our studies done on these psychedelics is related to the “serotonin”, this is probably one of the essentials that keep us alive. Everything we do affects this neurotransmitter and it also processes all the information we perceive through all of our senses. Most of the psychedelics share a similar structure to that of serotonin and works similarly too which is the basics of most antidepressants, they are designed in a way that makes your brain release more serotonin and thus, in turn, making you feel better.  1P-LSD is known to act as a serotonergic hallucinogen just like its predecessor LSD which is one of the main lizard labs research chemicals. Here at lizard labs chemicals, we make sure that you get the best chemical possible for you to work with which you can easily order through our Lizard Labs website (just go over to the lizard labs shop and browse through our amazing lizard labs stock to find the best one suited for you).

Flow states, also known as “being in the zone” is one of the most common benefits of Microdosing 1P-LSD since it sharpens all your senses and lets your brain perceive and understand all the information at a higher level than normal. Using psychedelics like 1P-LSD can induce you into the flow states but you have to do it in a weekly manner since using it more than prescribed can be a really harmful endeavor. The studies have shown results like 1P-LSD generating similar waves to alpha waves in the brain which signal flow state. Both serotonin and dopamine works in a similar pattern and all these psychedelics do is make our brain generate more of these happy hormones.

1P-LSD is less potent than its predecessor LSD which helps us in a huge way since Microdosing is easier with a psychedelic that is less potent. The ideal dosage amount of 1P-LSD is 10 micrograms and can be kicked up to 15 depending on the situation in which it is being used. The moderate range is 10-15 micrograms. the most common method of delivering 1P-LSD is using a blotter paper which usually contains around 100-125 micrograms of dosage. You can cut it into the required amount but if the psychedelic is not laid properly then uneven distribution can affect the results you were hoping for.

You can use other methods like submerging the given paper into a controlled amount of water and let the chemical mix into the water and then you can drink that water according to the dose you wanted to take in. This can be a relatively safer option since you have full control over the proportions and thus would help you best to replicate the results you were hoping for that particular amount of psychedelic use. Ideally, you should leave the water (or any other beverage of your choice) in a dark place for a day or two, and then you can use that solution whenever you want to just make sure that you are keeping the container and the place where you are keeping it sterile. There is an argument over the fact that the blotter paper can absorb some of the water back with the given chemical in it so you should split the water into two equal portions and soak the paper in each for 12-18 hours and then you can get rid of that paper if you want to.

Most doctors and experts recommend keeping a 3-day gap between your dosages and if you are taking more than the recommended amount you should keep a difference of week between the intake since a high level of dosages can be really harmful. You should always keep a detailed note of effects caused by the research chem and we can help you with the doubts about it at lizard labs (here is the link to lizardlabs or you can visit us at our lizard labs site). You can purchase this from us here: lizard labs link for 1plsd and experience it on your own.