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February 7, 2020

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Everybody knows artificial intelligence, doesn’t it or what the hell? Self-driving cars are on the way and the fridge will soon tell you when the food is running out. But will a robot do marketing for you soon? Artificial Intelligence will be able to find profiles in this country that are benchmarks of your current clients and then you can advertise directly to them. Or Google is already showing your ad directly to googlers whose artificial intelligence knows they are about to buy a product that even your business sells. Time will tell how this works. But it is very interesting precisely for the effectiveness of advertising from the ads agency .

Chatbots Take Over the World

In 2019, social media bots will take over conversations with overwhelming artificial intelligence. This was already partially evident in 2018, but no sensible conversation with the bots itself has occurred. Well, chatbots have been developed for years, but now they are expected to become more common in customer service and sales. According to some research, by 2022, 85% of all consumer messages to organizations would be communications filtered with a bot. nearly 60% of a millennial report using chat when doing business with businesses. Over 70% of the same target group says they believe they will deal with the bot somewhere along the consumer path.

Social Media Stories

Snap chat, Insta, Facebook, YouTube. It is possible for all channels to tell the highlight of their daily story, just to hear that in a moment it will disappear from the same channel. Here’s a great addition for some brands to implement fear-based marketing. In a way, they are very immersive videos because of their style. Here’s a brief list of what trends the year 2019 gives you. It’s a good idea to take one of these for yourself and see how your own marketing gets drained.

The main goal of inbound marketing is to generate leads and increase the company’s revenue. For inbound marketing to succeed, the content must be relevant and engaging to the customer, and served in a timely manner, on the right channel. How do you select marketing content and channels that serve your business purpose and deliver value to your customers?

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Customers are online to identify service providers, find solutions to their problems, and learn new things. With Inbound Marketing, companies strive to get the customer to read, listen to, or watch useful content provided by the company while spontaneously searching the web. In practice, inbound marketing is any tactic based on earning attention. Companies attract customers to their websites through search engine optimization and social media content. The idea of ​​inbound marketing is to attract and help potential customers who are already online looking for information, advice, product or service:

Customers search the web for information on virtually any type of problem they encounter in their daily work. As a side effect of that information retrieval, they may then run into suitable companies that can help them solve the problem.

What is good content?

Traditional marketing is often one-way and interrupts the customer. Inbound marketing is based on attraction marketing – the purpose is to attract the right potential customers to your business content. The purpose is not to push or force the message of the company, but to make the customer genuinely interested in the value of the content. Marketing should be genuinely serving, helping and interacting with the customer and making the customer feel comfortable.