The Boots, Sandal Boots and More

November 23, 2019

Boots are part of the must-have fashion items to have in your wardrobe. Indeed, boots or others tend to bring out your femme fatale side, as long as you know which model to choose. So, do not be fooled, here are some tips to follow to find boots based on its morphology. The use of sandal boots  is also coming up to be quite popular now.

Boots for thick calves

sandal boots

There is nothing more painful than fighting with ankle boots to be able to wear them and the same to remove them. Ladies, if you have wide calves, you should choose boots or ankle boots in a fairly flexible and stretchy material so that it can fit the shape of your calves. Plus, avoid boots with lots of frills to not focus on your calves. By the way, prefer rather thick heels.

Boots for fine calves

Even if the thin calves are the best for heels, for boots or boots it’s another pair of sleeves. Indeed, with thin calves, you risk getting lost in the boot. So, it would be better to choose stretch boots with an adjustable tongue. In this way, you will be able to avoid floating in your shoes. By the way, you should avoid soft leather boots or boots or even thick heels. It is necessary to create a good balance. You can choose riding boots or with horizontal lines.

A pair of boots adapted to your knees

If you ever have knees that are still called X knees, you will have to hide them at all costs. In such a case, the ideal would be to opt for fairly flared boots up the stem. However, avoid choosing boots or boots that are too light to avoid focusing on your calves, but also, avoid a stem too high, because it could create bulges. In any case, the boots are really the shoes that will emphasize your calves and refine your silhouette.

Boots for your legs and feet

Yes, you will never have small legs, you will have to avoid at all costs the waders and the flat boots. It would be better to opt for a heel boot model or compensated to gain height. In addition, also prefer a height of boot arriving at mid-calf to be able to lengthen your silhouette. So choose a biker boot.

For people with a wide foot, you should remove from your head the choice of rigid leather boots if you want to be comfortable. So, opt for boots with a round, square or oval end and a thick heel. Of all the families of shoes, one of the boots is, without doubt, the most provided. Originally a shoe only utility, it has gradually become a must in our dressing room: whether Chelsea or combat boots, most of us have at least one pair.

You guessed it: we will sift through a number of models together. But before going into the heart of the matter, a small preamble is needed.

Stop Limiting Beliefs

You want me to tell you? It is anguish inherited from women’s fashion, which has no place on our side.In the overwhelming majority of cases, boots for men do not go back high enough to have this bastard side. We are not talking about waders or jockey boots. Relax there is no need to worry.