The Essential Supports You Are Supposed to Get in SEO

June 1, 2019

Since NDAs bind most SEO projects (non-disclosure agreements), an SEO specialist or SEO company must present their website or blog on which they have used SEO and also on keyword rankings with which they successfully achieved. For the dich vu seo website the following information is very important.

dich vu seo website

Employers usually take an exam if the specialist cannot present a portfolio or sample and sometimes ask for an initial website analysis for a project and also to make recommendations to know if a person or a company is capable of search engine optimization to do. It is also best to check knowledge on basic HTML and CSS before accepting an SEO specialist applicant, as this is required for some SEO actions, at least to a minimum level.

The word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization in Dutch. An SEO expert is, therefore, someone who knows how to optimize websites for search engines such as Google and Bing. This specialist is very knowledgeable about how search engines work and do more than use the right Meta tags or stuff a text with just enough keywords. No, the expertise goes further than that.

SEO specialist

An SEO expert is particularly well aware of what a customer’s questions are and how the website can answer them. Firstly, does an SEO specialist it easy to find (or have) the website to search engines through the proper website techniques to use. If you have a beautiful website with interesting texts, but Google cannot read it, or the page loads very slowly, it will stop there. Finally, it is important that others refer to the website. This is possible through links from other relevant quality websites to your website. An SEO specialist charts the status of the links to your website and those of your competitors. He then looks with you which link options best suit your website and how they can be achieved.

SEO prices

If you hire a person to do an SEO job for your company website, your salary insurance is expected to provide you with medical health insurance, bonuses, etc. On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization companies differ on costs. Usually, it varies from $ 200 – $ 1000 per month or even higher. Premium SEO tools are no less than $ 100 per month.

SEO process

Before an SEO Project is started, specialists work on customer profiles to reach the right targeted traffic and the right market. If you do not analyze this at first base, this will certainly lead to fewer conversions, which means a lower number of sales. As soon as the customer profile is ready, keyword research follows.

Keyword research is a continuous and exhausting process, but it is the key to deriving expectations on SERP pages (search results), traffic, and conversions from leads to sales. Keyword search tools are widely available in the market. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is free and can be used in any SEO project. However, long-tail keyword research requires more than just a Google AdWords keyword tool. Other companies offer long-term keyword research, which is great for companies that want to reach a very specific market.