The Perfect Use of the Dog Harness

October 2, 2019

dog harness

The standard harness, the most popular, is a harness for everyday activities such as walking or learning to walk while ensuring the comfort of your dog. The traction harness has been specially designed to prevent dogs from pulling on a leash. The attachment located at the chest helps fight against traction, without hurting the dog. This type of harness is ideal for dogs that constantly pull on a leash.

Some other harnesses have been designed for sports or for work. The dog harness allows you to practice this sport, just like cycling with the dog running next to the master. Some harnesses allow larger dogs to carry their bowl, some treats and one or two other items with them.

Dog equipped with a special Canicross harness

Which harness should I choose for my dog?

When choosing your dog’s harness, it’s important to measure your chest correctly to get the right harness size. A harness too small can cause unpleasant friction, or even compress and tighten your dog. A harness that is too big or badly adjusted may also cause friction and possibly allow the dog to get rid of the harness.

Choose an easy-to-adjust, or even adjustable, pattern in multiple locations to ensure a good fit for the dog. If you have a puppy, take an adjustable harness so you do not have to buy a harness after only a few months. Make sure that the fasteners are of good quality in order to limit the risks of breakage during too strong traction or during shocks. A harness with a practical handle can sometimes be very helpful in keeping the dog.

Choose a dog harness that shoots if your dog or puppy tends to pull on a leash. A good traction harness will help you learn how to walk.

The different textile harnesses ensure the strength, comfort or practicality of the harness. Nylon harnesses are perfect harnesses for small dogs or puppies. Light but strong, nylon harnesses come in a variety of styles and colors. The polyester lined harnesses ensure the comfort of your dog.

Depending on your tastes and desires, you can match the color of the harness to its coat, your outfit, its leash. There is something for everyone.

dog harness

Dachshund wearing a harness during a ride on a pebble beach

Not sure which harness to choose? To each dog and master the good harness! Conso Animo members have submitted their opinions on various dog harnesses to guide you in choosing the best harness for your dog.

Harnesses are becoming more and more popular as dog owners discover the benefits they can offer. Harnesses discourage traction and allow you to prevent your dog from jumping on strangers without fear of choking. Another benefit of harnesses over collars is that they reduce the risk of neck injuries. If your puppy has difficulty breathing, a harness is probably the best choice. Harnesses can be attached to the front or back. The harnesses to attach to the front are effective for larger dogs because they lead from the front, while a harness to attach to the rear does not allow the walker to have as much control and can lead worse traction behavior since the dog does not feel the necessary guidance for training. Rear attachment harnesses are recommended for smaller breeds because they are more pressure sensitive and a front attachment harness can be painful for them.