Which are better instant play casino or download casinos?

April 14, 2019

Since you are here we are assuming you are confused between using instant play or a download casino. Well, this question is pretty much common as many people who get introduced to the trend of online gambling have the same question. You landed on the right page as we are about to tell you which one you should select. The selection criteria depend upon some factors that we are about to discuss in this piece of writing. Through this information, you will understand which one you are supposed to choose.

But there is no use of moving further if you don’t know the difference between both so let us first clarify it. To use a download casino, you are supposed to download a gambling software through which you can place the betting. You have to get the software, install it and then play it. On the other hand, instant play is when you can play gambling games instantly by simply visiting the website. You can go on the internet and search for the website for virtual casinos. In this, you don’t have to download anything as everything is on the internet.

How Do You Plan to Play?

There was a time when the download, as well as internet gambling, was only limited to the computer systems. But the time has changed so much. Today we have laptops, tablets, and smartphones which can support both gameplay. You can access online casinos through the phone’s browser and you can also download the gambling software. If you are figuring out which option you have to go with them you should first see which device you want to use and based on that, your selection should be resumed.


Many people like to gamble through computers. These days computers are not those heavy cubes, they are sleek and high tech devices with amazingly impressive visual quality. players get better playing experience due to bigger screens and high-quality visuals. If you use the computer more than any other cellular device then you should go for the option of a computer or laptop. By choosing a computer, you have both the options open that is instant play as well as download play. A computer system can tolerate heavy files of download casinos and will also support the data connectivity through which you can select instant play. So completely the choice is yours.

Mobile Devices

This is one of the most popular ways of playing gambling games. You can choose to play through your smartphones or tablets. Today everyone has a mobile which means that most of the people who play gambling either go to the plan based casino or bet through cell phones. This seems fair as mobiles are such a big part of our lives that we are always around them. You can say that we are walking with casinos inside our pockets. Cell phones have enhanced our gambling experience so much that we are refusing to switch to land-based casinos. If you are the one who can suddenly have the desire to bet or in case you travel a lot, you should select mobile devices as your playing medium.

Coming to mobile devices, you can go with both the options as you can play instant games and a download casino. You can play the instant game as there is a browser on the phone which lets you enjoy this option. You can go to the download casino but the problem with download casino is that it can take a lot of space. So either you have to compromise with the quality of the software and download a light file for your mobile or you would need a good space in your phone.

What Games Would You Like to Play

The second thing that you should consider is what game you want to play. Let us imagine that you are a great slot game lover. You have to see which one of the gaming mediums have the most number of varieties and options of that game available. There are many types of slot machines and not just slots, with the time there is a huge variety in each casino game. We can not take this step for granted at all as the casino is not just for winning, people play it for entertainment also and you can not keep on playing one game over and over again.

Earlier, there used to be very few games on the internet for mobile users especially. The desktop users were still able to play some games but for mobile users, it was hard to find different types of the game through mobile. But time changed and desktop users started to convert into mobile users and today there is barely one who doesn’t have a phone. Due to which, the casinos started to lose a huge number of audience and that became the reason for introducing each and every game on the mobile casino version. Download casino has a little bit of a different story as there was a huge variety of games back then also as it is now.

In the present time, you can play a huge variety of gambling games through both of the mediums. We would suggest you compare your desired website and software and see which one of them is providing the most numbers of games.

Technology has literally brought a revolution and today we have so many options that we are getting confused in the selection. Websites like Joker123 successfully attract a lot of people to join the online world of gambling. Being a trusted and famed website, agen joker123 is helping many people to access casinos quickly and easily. It would be better for you to try the options and see by yourself which one is best for you, instant play or download casino. We wouldn’t support or like to go with a single option as experience may differ from person to person. For some people, instant play is the best while others like to play download casinos. That’s why it would be better to explore your interests.