The right Choices for the Best of Digital Marketing

December 14, 2019

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During GDRP, customer data collection, storage, and further processing must be careful. GDRP does not prevent the collection and utilization of data in marketing, but it gives the consumer the right to own the data. In this case, the company must be prepared for the deletion of data from all systems and for the release of collected data at the request of the consumer.

Not only is GDPR a burden, but it also enables smart companies to create data-driven applications that bring new value to the customer. For example one view of your own client account that makes it easy to view your own buying behavior. From the google ads expert you can have the best deals present.

Marketing communication reaches target audiences and speaks

The purpose of marketing communications is to raise awareness of the company or product brand, to familiarize the brand with the target groups selected in the strategy, and to ultimately attract the customer to purchase.

However, modern marketing communications do not mean one-way communication from business to customer, for example through the use of advertising alone. Social media and various instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp, live chat and chatbots make two-way communication easy for the customer, but often a pain for the company.

Especially in the B2C business, customers are used to quick answers and services almost around the clock. If business volumes do not allow for continuous on-call duty, the chatbot can be programmed to respond to customer inquiries at a relatively low cost.

Measuring Marketing

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In digital channels, the effectiveness and results of marketing communications can be accurately measured. In many cases, productivity can be traced almost completely, allowing you to calculate a return on marketing investment (ROMI).

A real-time marketing dashboard can be built using, for example, Google Data Studio. Business key figures such as sales volume, sales volume, and quotes are also imported. The reality is compared to digital marketing metrics, so tracking is often very accurate.

Sales are part of marketing

A legendary business consultant, said: The job of marketing is to make sales unnecessary. At best, this is how sales are left to help the customer make the final purchase decision and agree on the terms of the collaboration. Although we buy more online, personalized customer encounters almost always have their place in the relationship between a company and a customer. The bigger the sums and the harder to understand the product or service, the more we need personal contact with the seller.

Sales can be viewed from the perspective of different sales channels, for example:

  • Store: Does the customer’s store experience fit the brand?
  • Online: Does the online service or online store fit your customer’s journey? Does it activate to buy and is it easy to buy?
  • Personal Sales: Is Customer Easy to Buy? Do sales materials support buying and branding?

Customer relationship and why it is important

Do you know what it costs your business to get a new customer? And what does it cost to keep an old customer? It is probably much less than getting a new customer. There are businesses where the customer purchases once or the purchase cycle is years. Even then, one may ask, what does it cost to get one recommendation? Certainly less than getting a new customer its price is beyond your expectations.