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January 31, 2020

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Spending lots of money on marketing that is not aimed at a specific target group is not profitable. You may end up marketing to people who are not interested in the product or service you sell. By using Google Analytics (as mentioned above), you can customize the way you market by seeing what age and interests they trade with you. Then you avoid spending resources and time on something that does not give you sales. From the adwords expert you can have the best deal.

Social media

Social media is no longer just Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. There’s also Snapchat and not least Instagram. Don’t underestimate the importance of social media. It’s a great way to reach a lot of people while focusing on just a few audiences. In January 2019, Instagram biked over 1 billion monthly users – the more reason to take advantage of it. When marketing on social media, it doesn’t just have to be through advertising. By creating a profile you get closer to your customers and you can create interest by posting photos of the products/services you regularly offer. This way you will not be forgotten by your followers. You also create a positive attitude around your brand.


Have you ever experienced that you have looked at a sweater on a website even afterward got promoted for this site everywhere? This is called remarketing and is about reaching customers who are already interested in what you sell. When you use remarketing, you make sure the potential buyer remembers you, while at the same time getting the customer to think about your product several times, which can eventually lead them to make the purchase.

  • When planning your marketing strategy, you need to be fully aware of what goals you are trying to achieve in your marketing. If you do not make this clear then you cannot target your campaign enough and you will not achieve what you are looking for.

Make yourself a marketing machine

What many webshop owners think is that their marketing campaigns are unique events. They make a webshop, publish some pictures on social media, send some newsletters and think it is enough. However, looking at your marketing activities as different things, it does not stop you from making a comprehensive strategy that actually produces results. Instead, look at your activities as part of an overall plan – a marketing machine if you will.

Just as the individual parts of an engine each have their function in order for the entire engine to function, so too are the individual parts of your marketing plan. While the individual part may not be 100% critical to the engine’s functioning, it clearly performs better when everything just works and plays.

So as you develop your digital strategy, ask yourself if all your activities are working together towards a common goal.

  • Since they land on so could drive traffic on so they actually end up buying something?
  • Is your landing page 100% optimized?
  • Can email lists actually convert recipients into customers?

Set smart goals

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You already know the importance of setting goals for your digital strategy. Without a clear idea of ​​what you are working towards, your activities will become disorganized and less effective. It’s something you’d like to avoid as a business owner.